Our Mission

We are more than jewelry designers – we create permanent memories in wearable art.  Specializing in memorial guitar pick necklaces in unique designs that capture the essence of the musician.  Designs that evoke the power chords in your soul.  We feel that the greatest show may be a loved one you know – or, the band you follow like a roadie.

No matter how you enjoy music – it’s YOUR moment. Your memory. Your song.  We celebrate the music with you!


See the Designs

Paul McCartney VH1 Storytellers

Duo Pick Dangles

Get A Pick At A Show? 

Whether you’re a performer, avid fan,  or casual guitar enthusiast – we design a guitar pick necklace just for you!

Creator Angel Hall will design a beautiful one of a kind jewelry piece that compliments your guitar pick.

BonJovi Lost Highway




We would like to thank the many fans and artists who are proudly sporting their Guitar Pick Wear creations.  It warms our hearts more than you know!  We also love to hear from you – or send us an action shot at the concert!  We’ll proudly hype your excellent taste in jewelry!

Rick Springfield AngerA fan had purchased this original creation for Rick Springfield- he loved it so much, he wore it onstage!

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

Actor, Musician, awesome model of GPW jewelry


Necklace that is not likely to ever be repeated – the STYX Americana. Made entirely of closed circuit wirework technique in solid sterling silver – each pick was autographed by members of the band. Accented with red, white and blue chevron beads, genuine lapis lazuli, and Swarovski crystals. Made during Cyclorama release – comes in a ‘Carrot Box’.

Styx Americana

Styx Americana

Each guitar pick was signed and clear sealed to protect the signatures.



Get Glamourous Every Day

“Is that a …Guitar Pick?”
Be prepared – you’re likely to get noticed wearing an authentic Guitar Pick Wear design. Bask in the limelight.


Social Media

Guitar Pick Wear is on Twitter, Angel is on Instagram – but Facebook is a no-go.  If you’re seeing Guitar Pick Wear (or Angel) on Facebook – it’s a fake.


GPW Patchwork Header



It may come as no surprise that sometimes we need a different creative outlet. Sometimes, Angel paints things. Or sews a rocking concert handbag. Maybe gets a crazy idea for a lamp.

Music is always involved, and was definitely enjoyed while she created something. (That’s kind of how she rolls). Everything the music inspired is up for sale on the Etsy page.


GPW on Etsy!

Pick Lamp