Daphne And Irina Video Preview

Mar 5, 2013 chanel daphne groeneveld. daphne groeneveld preview chanel f13 preview martin margiela f13 beauty special video. preview.

june 8

the appearance prompted speculation that the model is set to star in the duo's next music video. the exact reason behind the shoot has yet to be confirmed by.
For more info about these limited edition collectors' items or even get a sneak preview teaser of andy's mix, video: dptv report: fashion shows .  
Video: daphne groeneveld + irina lazareanu in “art couture”. 3 weeks ago. video: behind the scenes with justine purdue for vogue australia with abbey.

  Jun 7, 2012 top model daphne groeneveld stars in the new dior addict ad dior addict starring daphne groeneveld video sneak preview.
3 days ago video: a behind the scenes look at the back to the future project by irina werning. daphne 1986 & 2011 paris - irina werning. daphne.

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